Okta Exam Review

Okta Exam is designed to prepare you for Okta Professional Hands-On exam. It contains a detailed list of topics covered during the professional exam and a list of resources to help you study. To become an Okta-certified professional, you must pass this test. It is also a requirement for those seeking Okta administrator, consultant, or technical architect credentials.

What Does “Okta Professional Book” Mean?

Okta certified professionals know the basics of identity management and security. They have experience helping Okta users with their daily work. Certified Okta professionals are familiar with Okta technologies and processes for easy login, single sign-on (SSO) federation, and application deployment.
Certificates for the identity of OKTA users

OKTA User Credentials Have Two Levels:

Level 1: Certified OKTA Expert

Okta certified professionals know how to manage identities and use mobility and security concepts. They have practical experience in performing day-to-day operations that help OKTA employees.
These experts also know how to use OKTA systems and technologies for single sign management, simple accounting and application integration.

Okta Exam

Level 1: OKTA Certified Professional with the following characteristics:

  • Online testing with tests
  • There are two parts:
  • Part 1: 15 DOMC items.
  • Phase 2: Four performance-based operating conditions
  • Total time: 150 minutes (part 1: 30 minutes & part 2: 120 minutes).
  • Cost: $250
  • You must pass the OKTA Certified Professional Hands-on Configuration Exam to obtain this certification.

Level 2: Administrator Approved By OKTA

Authorized OKTA administrators who know how to use OKTA technology. They know a lot about supporting OKTA’s SSO options, security policy systems and mobile devices that can be used in advanced user lifecycle management situations.

They also know that OKTA can help with on-premise deployments and cloud access and high-quality archiving. Administrators use the OKTA policy framework to manage user access and learn how to explain data changes and identity classification through troubleshooting and using Universal Directory.

Who Should Take The Okta Exam?

Candidates for the Okta Professional Certification must pass Okta professional certification exam.

  • Applicants must have at least the following:
  • One year of technical experience in security and identity management.
  • Okta work experience for three to six months.
  • Completion of relevant Okta courses or similar training with a pass

Although roles vary from company to company, most Okta professional certification applicants help define secure identity plans or assist in the day-to-day operations and support of the Okta company. Applicants for this certification can be Okta administrators, implementation managers, identity managers, project managers, business application owners, or help desk administrators.

What Does It Mean To Be An Okta Certified Administrator?

Okta certified administrators know how to manage Okta services and technology. They know a lot about how Okta enhances the user experience with mobile devices, security policies, supported SSO options, and narang-ay directory integration for cloud and on-premise access. Administrators use Okta’s policy system to manage user access. They can also use the global registry to map and resolve identity and data changes.

What Does “Okta Certified Consultant” Mean?

Okta certified technicians have the expertise to set up Okta services in many different ways. Our consultants have experience in integrating common applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Box and Salesforce with Okta. They also have extensive knowledge and experience in identifying and implementing complex Okta integrations in multiple forests and multi-domain environments, high single sign-on (SSO) and federation in Okta. Professionals know how to use the Okta API and set up custom configurations.

Who Should Take The Okta Advisory Test?

People who already have the Okta Admin certification and help set up Okta are the best candidates for the Okta Consultant certification.

  • Okta recommends that candidates for the Okta Consultant certification meet at least the following requirements:
  • More than five years of experience managing security for identity and access control
  • One year of practical experience implementing Okta
  • Process to achieve high profile and Federation Inbound: Using Okta as provider system or similar training must be successfully completed.
  • Hands-on experience in implementing advanced features in accounting and HR systems as a source of authentication for users, and experience in migrating user data and passwords from the authentication source to Okta.
  • Experience using various Okta tools (such as SAML Wizard, Okta Radius Agent, and OIDC flows) for advanced SSO integration, and
  • Experience with OAuth 2.0 services and advanced server access control
  • Experiment with setting custom settings in Okta using various tools, such as Okta on-premises provisioning (OPP), custom email domain, login screen, login widget, custom blank login UI, custom die URL, MFA as a Service, and the MFA building , and the SCIM App Wizard, but you may need help troubleshooting configuration issues.
  • Advanced directory experience with LDAP configuration, Desktop SSO, verbose logging and proxy settings
  • Experience, provides Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) to companies with offices around the world, but may require guidance in troubleshooting multi-forest/multi-domain issues.
  • Try setting up inbound links in Okta, but help may be needed to resolve the inbound issue.
  • Adaptive MFA, behavior detection, early sign-in, and Threat Insights can be installed, but configuration documentation may be required.
  • understands the reliability of the device, but may need assistance to resolve common issues with Okta implementation.
  • Experience using Okta APIs in a non-production lab environment and familiarity with API stacking.
Okta Exam

Advantages Of OKTA Exam:

Maximize Your Return On Investment (ROI).

More benefits will come your way as your team better understands how Okta works. The entire organization benefits when your team members have the knowledge they need to operate your identity and security. In addition, they win when you manage the identity for partners or customers outside your company.

With Okta certification, your administrators and developers can create deployments that are efficient, responsive, and user-friendly. Deliver more value faster.

Improve The Performance Of Your Team.

Over 84% of Okta Certified Administrators and over 85% of Okta Certified Professionals believe that their Okta Certification has made them more productive at work.

Additionally, more than 84% of Okta certified administrators use the skills they learned while studying for their certification more than once a day.

Lead Your Team Into The Future.

If your people are very valuable (hint: they are!), it makes sense to help them grow. When that investment strengthens your brand identity and provides your team with increased knowledge, skills and job satisfaction, everyone wins.

As Okta continues to add more features to our product, our certification program changes to cover new features and releases. Your members must pass a maintenance test to confirm their Okta credentials. This helps ensure they are updated with Okta growing capabilities.

Administrators And Developers Can Obtain Okta Street Credentials.

With Okta certification, large organizations can do more. They explain the difference between qualified administrators and developing experts and know a lot about current concepts in function implementation and access control. All four Okta certifications are among the top 20 highest paying certifications in the world.

Everyone Wins When Okta Exam Are Used.

Okta certification is the best way to ensure that your team is using Okta in the best way for your organization and to get the most out of it. They help ensure that everything runs smoothly, employees are productive, customers are happy, and administrators and developers have long-term career benefits.
Getting your own Okta certificate is now easier than ever. Candidates can prepare in a variety of ways to meet their learning styles and needs, such as virtual training courses, self-paced online courses, or free instructor-led support webinars.

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Okta Exam

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Okta Exam

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